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With our simple, step-by-step Photoshop picture editing and retouching lessons, you can make your photos and subjects seem their best! To navigate to popular topics, use our Quick Links, or go through our entire selection of Photo Editing & Retouching courses.

Different Types of Photo Retouching and Why It's Important to Understand Them

Photo retouching may appear to you to be just another type of photo editing service, but it is much more than that. Editorial, portrait, commercial, product, creative, and beauty retouching are just a few of the sectors covered.Each picture style has its own retouching considerations. Retouching a picture differs significantly from editing a product photo.

Retouching Photos for Portrait Photography (Skin & Hair)

Reduce wrinkles and fine lines, eye bags, dark circles, and oil while looking natural, and eliminate flyaway hair with professional skin, face, and hair retouching.The photo clearly shows intimate features such as pores, grease on the skin, dark circles, and eye bags. As a result, our photo retouching involves smoothing and almost flawless skin, whitening teeth, and masking defects while keeping the subject looking natural.To improve the photo, basic changes such as brightness, contrast, and color are applied. If photographs are taken in our studio, the backdrop paper is cleaned in post-production to eliminate any dirt or stains.

Photo Retouching for Photographs Taken Outside (Basic)

Retouching for outdoor photographs primarily consists of changing the brightness, contrast, and color. To keep the natural aesthetic of the outdoor setting, no heavy editing is done on outdoor images. We employ presets with pre-made settings that we alter to ensure the presets look well on the shot. To bring out the best in the shot, cropping and rotation of the photo may be done. Retouching of the skin, garment wrinkles, and backdrops is not done.


Catalog Photography Photo Retouching

When it comes to catalog photography, retouching is mostly concerned with cropping the image, cleaning up the background floor, and, most importantly, ensuring that the apparel color matches the actual object.The type of cropping our customer selects usually determines how the photo is cropped. Our cropping style aims to ensure that the photographs have equal space on all sides. Cropping size is generally required when uploading photos to sites like Zalora. This is to ensure that it adheres to Zalora’s cropping standards.It’s also crucial to remove any unwanted debris from the background or the floor so that the photo’s end result is clean and appealing to the eye.


Product photography photo retouching

Backgrounds can be changed and/or removed.Remove any blemishes, scratches, or flaws from the product.Perfect the product’s stitching, buttons, corners, and edges. Shadows and Highlights Adjustment to bring out the Product’s Dimensionality. If necessary, liquefy to fix the product’s form.

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